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What is footballsolidar

FootballSolidar is a subscription box that intends to bring together the fans to their teams, while helping an association chosen by the football club. Our boxes focuses on connecting the fans with the history of the team, delivering unique and surprising items each month. Every new box brings, not only bring merchandising of football teams, but also exclusive elements that strengthens the relationship with the football club. Our goal is to complement the experience of seeing your football team in action with bits and pieces of exclusive content related with the football club, coaches or players.

FootballSolidar builds that channel. We customize and curate a subscription box service for football clubs, taking into consideration the user profile.

In short, we strength the relationship between fans and football clubs by creating a channel for the club to promote different sports, games, history and merchandise. All this with a solidarity involvement: by donating part of the box value to an association/institution chosen by the football club.

What's in the box

Our team

Ivan Braz

Founder & Managing Partner

Dulce Guarda

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Hugo Matinho

Chief Technical Officer

Nadilson Santana

Lead iOS Developer

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